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About Us

We at Al-Waleed Metal and Wooden Ind. LLC. emphasize quality in our complete line of Metal Doors, Frames, Wood Doors and Architectural Hardware. Our commercial grade products provide long lasting durability and security to your business, storm shelter and some residential applications. We will custom build Doors and/or Frames for any size or design to meet your specifications. We also service and install any of our products to fit your needs.

We offer our fire doors in both paint-grade MDF and stain-grade wood construction. We offer both neutral and positive pressure 20-minute fire doors and positive pressure 45-, 60- and 90-minute fire doors. With hundreds of styles and many profile options to choose from, you will never need to sacrifice design and style when specifying fire doors for your project. Al Waleed Engineering group has a wide range of experience and training. We have the skills to handle all of your manufacturing needs. From sketch to production we help our customer with design and manufacturability.

  • We can accommodate any CAD software available with little or no translation.

  • Engineers can be used as manufacturing consultants to help customers with designs to reduce manufacturing costs and lead times.

  • Quoted components are nested on material and routed through our facilities as if we were producing the part. Because of this practice, our customers are provided with very accurate costs and lead times.

Welding Shop

General Sheet Metal Works has a full service Weld Shop including an in-house tooling design and fabrication team. Our experienced welders consistently offer high value parts in a short lead time from design to delivery.

Why We Provide the Best Wood Doors on the Market
Al Waleed's wood doors are milled from the highest grades of wood and crafted using classic, centuries old techniques. All of our wood doors can be fully custom built to fit your home or business. Additionally, we can create a door that matches your dream door perfectly by providing multiple accent customization options or even milling a custom wood door from your original sketches. In the paragraphs below, we will explore our door making process and discuss what the advantages of our doors are.

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